While most Oklahoma family law firms limit one attorney to the representation of a client, The Tucker Law Firm provides each client with an entire team of lawyers to ensure the utmost in comprehensive and experienced representation.

With each and every case, a unique legal analysis is used to provide each client with choices as to the options within their case, allowing the client to take an active role in the resolution of the issue.  It makes perfect sense — have the most capable lawyer handle the areas in which they are most proficient.

When appropriate and with the goal of saving the client money and aggravation, proceedings are directed towards mediation before litigation to facilitate a more successful outcome reached through consensus and resolution.

However, recognizing that negotiations can stall, making mediation no longer an option, The Tucker Law Firm’s seasoned litigators aggressively advocate on behalf of the client for an optimal settlement or trial outcome, if necessary.  Additionally, to ensure the most successful resolution for each client, The Tucker Law Firm collaborates closely with other professionals involved, including family therapists, counselors, corporate and financial advisors and clergy. This inclusive approach supports strategies to best meet each client’s particular needs